A Latin macho in my ass

My girlfriend Camilla invited me to stay at her place on that Saturday night, knowing my husband Victor was out of town.
We both went to have dinner outside and later came back to her home.
There we found Ramon, a Latin guy that Camilla had been dating since her divorce. Ramon was a big guy, with dark hair and dark skin, strong muscles, a nice huge torso; a real macho man.

My girlfriend introduced him to me and then she said I was going to spend the night in the guest room. Camilla seemed to be ashamed; but I thought she had planned to be with me that night without any interference.
Ramon was a trucker and he explained her that he was on his way to the West and he really needed to have a rest before continuing his long trip.

I stayed a while chatting with Camilla, as she dressed for the occasion.
She confessed me Ramon was a wild man in bed and he liked to see her dressed as a slut as he fucked her…
So she was now wearing a sexy pair of stiletto heels and black stockings with a garter belt.

Later on my way to the guest room, I passed close the main bathroom. The door was open and I got freeze on my feet as I saw Ramon taking a leak inside. His dick was very huge and he was hard as he pissed on the toilette.
He saw me staring at his huge cock and he smiled, whispering to me:
“Do you like what you see, puta…?”

I did not answer him. My face went red and then I run to my room.

In the middle of the night, some muffled sounds woke me up. I got up from the bed and opened the door. I heard Camilla was getting fucked as she moaned with pleasure. I wondered if she was still wearing those sexy black stockings I saw her in earlier.

Then I came closer to their room, trying to make no sounds. The door was open and I could sneak inside from the dark alleyway.
Camilla was there, facing the ceiling with her legs spread open on their bed; her head towards the door; so, she could not even seen me.
Ramon was between Camilla’s long tanned legs, mounting my girlfriend as he pumped her in a wild way. I stayed there in the darkness, feeling my pussy starting to get damp, as my girlfriend was fucked by that horny macho
Suddenly Ramon raised his head and he saw me, watching at them.
He just smiled to me, as he started to pump Camilla even harder.
Then she came shouting and crying with pleasure. Just seconds after her orgasm, Ramon also let go his load fill my girlfriend’s pussy. As he emptied himself inside Camilla’s sweet body, that bastard kept his eyes on mine.

I came back to my room and took off my thong. I saw it was damp and my pussy lips were shining in the light, with my juices flooding out of my cunt.

Then I got in the bed and started to take care of my pussy slowly, as I looked myself in the mirror. I closed my eyes and had fantasizes about Camilla being fucked by that Latin macho…

I was close to experience an orgasm when I heard the door open. Before I could react there was Ramon just in his shorts staring at me.
I jumped off the bed and tried to grab my clothes; but he was faster than me. He dragged me back to the bed and put his huge hand on my mouth.

“Where do you think you are going, puta…?” He said with an evil smile.
Then he flipped me onto my knees and he stood up in front of me.
Ramon put his hand on my head and I knew what he wanted.

I began to open my mouth as he guided his thick cock in my mouth telling me: “Your girlfriend does never want to suck my dick…”

So I gave him what he wanted as I started sucking on his cock slowly with just the tip. As I worked a little faster I went deeper until I started to gag and I heard him moan very quietly: “What a slut good cocksucker you are, puta”.

“Suck me faster… I want to hear you gag on my dick; don’t stop until I say”

I continued to suck his cock and swallow his balls in my mouth and lick them I could taste his pre-cum and was imagining this huge cock fucking Camilla.

With my mouth full I worked his cock hard with my lips and tongue. Then he suddenly stopped me, saying he did not want to cum in my mouth.
Ramon then ordered me to lie down flat on my stomach.
Then the next thing he did was put some lube on my very tight asshole.
I turned around my head and tried to protest, but he said that Camilla never had allowed him to fuck her in the ass…
He pushed my face down against a pillow and soon I felt his huge dick invading my rear entrance, opening wide my tight sphincter and filling my anus. It hurt a lot and I cried in pain, but I heard just muffled sounds.

The Latin macho fucked my ass with no mercy; long and hard strokes as he grabbed my hair and pushed my head up; whispering in my ear:

“You are so tight… Your cuckold husband does not fuck your ass for sure”.

Grabbing his camera he said that Camilla did not like to take pictures when they were fucking. He added he wanted to see his cock buried in my ass…

I moaned loud as his cock fully entered me. He moaned also as he grabbed my waist and started slowly to move his hips. He began to fuck me at an increasing pace as he was taking photos of his cock pounding my anus.

All of a sudden he pulled out and then ordered me to get on top. I guided his hard dick into my asshole again.
Ramon moaned with pleasure as he felt I was sliding down onto his hard dick. I could feel it deeper than before. I rode his cock as he took photos of my ass invaded by that monster thing…

After some minutes he made me roll onto my back and I spread my legs wide for him. Ramon soon guided his dick back into my asshole; throwing my legs over his shoulders. He started to move with deep hard strokes as he played with his fingers in my wet cunt.

“Puta, you are so wet down there…” He laughed, feeling my dampness…

He leant down kissing me, as I wrapped my legs around his waist as he continued sodomizing me in that wild way. Then he whispered in my ear:

“You are a better fuck than my bitch Camilla… I love your ass, puta…”

Then he said he was going to cum deep inside my anus. He started to kiss my neck, sliding his cock slowly in and out of me. Suddenly I felt his warm semen invading my rectum, as he moaned and grunted on my ear.
He pulled out and kissed me deeply. Then he just went off, leaving me there in the bed, with my legs spread wide and his seed flooding out from my ass.
I passed out and woke after few hours, when the sun was rising up.

Camilla was making some breakfast in the kitchen. She smiled happily and we kissed with passion. She confessed me later he was a little bit unhappy with Ramon’s sexual behavior.
She said that macho guy just wanted to fuck her wet cunt, but he had never let her to suck his dick… and had never wanted fuck her in the ass…

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