A Latina babe with a surprise

A Latina babe with a surprise

That Winter we had escaped from the New York`s cold weather and had gone for a week to Miami.
My sweet Ana was so horny during these days… On the fourth night, after dinner outside in a nice restaurant, she suggested to go down to the hotel bar and pick up somebody to enjoy a good time for the rest of the night…

We decided finally to go out from our hotel and we ended in a nice pub just a few blocks away from there.
A nice brunette girl, Latino type, started a conversation with Ana.
My wife tried to speak in Spanish with her, but the girl said she only knew English. She had a very sculptural body, just few inches taller tan Anita, with soft round hips and a very fine waist. Long killer legs and high heels…

I was enjoying the music as the girls chatted, but something was not right to many flamboyant characters and then I knew we were in a gay bar. I told it to Ana, but she laughed and answered she had noticed yet…

The Latina babe said her name was Tamara. She turned to my wife and confessed her she was attracted by me… Ana laughed and replied if she wanted me, she could get me wrapped as a gift…

I went to dance with my sweet Ana and she kissed me, asked if I was fine. I just replied that we had never been in a gay bar, just that.

As we danced, I kept my eyes in Tamara; she was still sitting at the bar and suddenly I realized she was a trans girl… I told it to Ana, but she smiled and said Tamara was so fucking sexy, no matter if she was a woman or a man.

After dancing Ana came back to sit close to Tamara and suddenly told me she wanted to take her new friend to our hotel. Both were laughing and
acting like best friends.
In our room we smoked, enjoyed some music and both girls danced.

Tamara went to use the bathroom and Ana confessed me she was turned on by that trans babe. I smiled and replied to my sweet wife:
“I want to see you go further but I will just watch”
When Tamara came back, they kissed each other and Ana told her that everything was fine for me…
They undressed each other while kissing. When Tamara got naked, I was amazed of that real thing she carried between her (his?) legs……

That babe had a real monster cock, almost ten inches long and very thick.
Ana looked at me with her eyes and mouth wide open. I gave her a smile and nodded that it was fine to me.
As my wife grabbed that dick to stroke, I noticed Tamara was looking at me and licking her lips. Then I took out my dick and slowly start to stroke it.

Tamara closed her eyes and sighed as my wife took that monster head inside her soft mouth.
As she sucked on that dick, she started looking at me enjoying the show.
She stopped and looked up at Tamara; then both aimed right for my dick.

Then came together to me and I had two set of hands and two mouths on my dick. They licked and sucked me for some minutes, until both girls went to the bed and made a perfect sixty nine.

When that monster dick was really hard, Ana said she wanted to ride it; so, she straddled Tamara and slid that thick head deep inside her wet pussy.

She got turned on as she slide up and down that throbbing monster with her pussy juice shining as it swallow it deep inside. I decided to join them. I walked to the bed and put my dick in Tamara’s mouth and kissed my wife.

Ana was moaning with pleasure, as I had my hands running over her body.

Then I got some lube and played with Anita’s ass, as she was still riding Tamara. I put my fingers deep in her ass and then I sodomized her with my hard throbbing head, slowly entering and telling her to relax…

I finally got it in all the way going deep and building a nice rhythm. I was grinding her ass deep with a good rhythm and Tamara was going fast in her pussy as Ana moaned to multiple orgasms. I pulled her hair and smacked her buttocks, as I kept fucking her ass wildly…

I was ready to blow my load in Ana’s ass. I was so focused thinking about it that I did not realized Tamara had taken her dick from my wife’s pussy.

Then I heard her saying: “I am going to cum…” And the next thing was a sharp pain in my own asshole. Tamara had penetrated me with her huge cock and was pumping my ass very hard.
She grabbed my hips and suddenly I felt her hot semen invading me, at same time I exploded deep inside my sweet wife’s anus…
It was just and incredible experience.

During the rest of the night we switched positions and fucked like crazy.

When Tamara left us in the early morning, Ana kissed me and said:

“How hot it was to experience something different with you.”

I was really exhausted, I had fucked both girl’s asses, sucked her cunt and her cock and had been buttfucked by that well hung trans girl.

My ass was very sore… but it was so fine to me!!!…

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