Latina Massage Parlor

Saw an add a while ago for an Asian style massage parlor that featured Latina ladies. Review sites indicated it was pricey, but worth it. I’d had some amazing encounters at oriental “happy ending” places. And had plenty of fun at some dive go go bars where some sexy Hispanics dancers gave “extras” for tips. This seemed like the best of both worlds.

The house fee for the hour was high, but I didn’t want to appear cheap right out the gate. Tanya showed me to my room. She was late thirties I’d say. Super curvy, hair and make up on point, sexy Sophia Viagra accent. She smelled as sweet and intoxicating as those chocolates that are filled with booze. There was a stand up shower in the room, I told her I’d use it, again trying to make a good first impression. I undressed and piled my clothes on a bench next to a massage table. Tanya set up the water for me, before she left me to wash off she asked, “What you want papi? You wan massage, you wan han yob? You wan da pussy?”

“I want everything.” She wiggled out of the room and came back as I turned the water off. I watched her undress as I dried. She was an absolute Thoroughbred. Bubble butt, but not fat at all. A tattoo on one cheek. Those two little dimples on the small of her back that girls who are built just right have, I love them. And the line of her, from her crack, up her spine to her neck. Sleek as a sixties muscle car. She turned to reveal a pair of huge, full, surgically enhanced breasts. A flat tummy, not chiseled, still soft and feminine. Again that line, from every angle, like she’d been wind tunnel tested. Another tattoo above her neatly shaved pussy. Her mouth alone, that tempting crimson pout, was enough to cause a prison riot. The total package, absolutely exquisite. Sorta made me think I couldn’t afford this.

I crossed the room and ran my hand up her back. From those cute little dimples up to her shoulder. Her skin was almost dewy. Back down her arm and took her hand. “How much you want for everything?” I traced my thumb along a line down her front, across her belly button and towards that lucky tattoo, all day everyday in her panties. My cock grew from her look, that skin, and her smell.

“First time my love, you tip what you wan,” She took my cock in her hand, her eyes, big and brown never left mine, “If you like, you tip, you come back. If I no like tip,” she looked down at my cock now and squeezed it. “But I gonna like you tip.” Tanya dropped to her knees and planted a big kiss on the head of my cock. Leaving a swak mark of her lipstick. “Because I gonna make you wanna be generous.” She stroked my already hard cock even stiffer and put a condom on me. She maintained smoldering eye contact as I disappeared into that sexy mouth. She withdrew slowly, and went deep again. Impaling her head down my full length, and held there. Slurping off with a twist of her head, and plunging back to the base, again and again. I don’t think I’d ever been with a woman with as much raw sexual horsepower as Tanya. She sucked and dragged her tongue, and even through the latex, I was trying to keep from cuming already. And it wasn’t her technique so much as her presence. She picked up her pace, sensing my swell. My balls gently in one hand, the other tight around the base. Long quick strokes, consistent, sucking, slurping twisting. And than right on the brink she stopped. She looked up at me, a line of spit from my cock to her mouth, “You want to cum in my mouth, or you want the pussy, you tell me.”

“The pussy.” She stood and I cupped my hand under her ass. I gave it a squeeze and a spank. She turned to show me her ass and in profile her tits were irresistible. I spooned up behind her, one breast in each hand. Firm, fake, but shaped and sized to perfectly complete her hourglass figure. And that fucking skin, buttery, I almost wanted to lick my fingers after touching her.

She worked her hand between her thighs, rubbing herself wet for me. “Lay down on the table, lemme get on top.” She reached around behind and took my dick in her fist. “I bounce up and down, you play with my titty.” she spanked my hard cock on her ass, “Or you like my ass? You wan fuck my ass?”

“You’re too hot, I’ll cum too soon with you on top. I need to be in control,” her tits still in my hands, “But I want to cum between these,” I gave them a squeeze. “Bend over the table for me, then when I’m ready I’ll finish all over your big tits.”

“Aya papi,” She laughed with delight at my obviously out of character forcefulness. “So sexy,” guiding me into her pussy, “That big cock maybe no fit.”

She wasn’t lying. She rubbed my cock along her slit, pushing back against me. I pushed into her, gently at first, then more firmly. Finally yielding, my girthy head popped into her, her pussy strangling my shaft. I slid my length into her and back out to the head. Back in, slowly, deep against her tight resistance. Expecting her to relax, or ease up after a few strokes, but no. Clamp like stroke after clamp like stroke, plenty wet, still just as tight.

“Damn baby!” I am now a man in my forties. From virginal back seat romps, on through all the professionals I’d been lucky enough to be inside. Tanya from the HMP on Bergen turnpike, had the tightest pussy I’ve ever experienced. “You do yoga or what?”

She cackled again while I struggled in and out of her, “My pussy tight like a ass.” she reached back and spread her ass cheeks, “And my ass” She constricted her mussels and gripped me even tighter as I pulled out. Relaxed a bit on the way in, and tighter still on my next stroke out. “You never gonna get out!”

“TAN-YA!” I wanted to plow into her as fast and as hard as I could, but I was so close to cumming from just a minuet or so in this sexual dynamo’s fucking vise. I was barely holding on. I stopped to slow things down, but she fucked back up against me. Fighting the urge to cum, and the urge to fuck harder, just trying to make this moment last. She thrust back into me again and again. “Get ready,” I Started fucking back, “Get your tits ready for my cum.” On past the point of no return I fucked as hard as I could. Her big ass, firm against my powerful thrusts, quivered just a bit with each time I slammed into her. Finally I pulled free.

But my condom, pulled off my cock by her tight pussy hung out of her like a tail. I dropped down onto the bench my clothes were piled on. Before she could do anything about the rubber dangling out of her my first blast launched past her, over the massage table. Her facial expression, still shocked from the condom thing, changed to amused by my warning shot across her bow. She fell onto my lap tits first. Mashing her hard silicone jugs around my spasming member just in time to catch the second blast. She bounced her tits up and down along my spurting rod. She started to laugh and I did too. Me, still titty fucking through my climax, her splattered with my orgasm, both of us belly laughing at the ridiculous action packed last few seconds.

“Come on papi, we clean up.” Tanya stood and made for the shower.

“Wait, hold still.” she kind of shivered as I pulled the used condom free from her snatch.

We showered. I helped wash my jizz off of her chest, and she soaped up my cock. I emerged from the shower, still as rock hard as while I was in her. Wondering if she might give me a second go, quick as that first one was.

“You still got time, you wanna massage?” Oh yeah! This is a massage parlor! Almost forgot.

We chatted as she pointlessly pushed some oil around on my back and legs. She asked if I had been to a massage parlor before. I told her I had, with Asian ladies. “Why you wanna do that? Dey got no titty, dey got no ass. All dey wanna do is give you han yob, you can do yourself for free!” I didn’t have the hart to tell how far superior the massage portion of the massage was at the Chinese and Korean places. Although, once onto the soft touch, Tanya’s long manicured fingernails felt amazing dancing along my naked back and ass. I rolled over and my hard on sprung free from beneath me. She took it in her hand and jerked me off sort of absentmindedly. “Such a nice dick. Nice and hard, no too big, gotta fat head.” She jerked me with a bit more purpose now. “Nice dick wanna come again?” She stood beside the table and worked her hand loose down and tight back up, milking my cock. She reached under the table for another condom, and a bottle of lube.

“I give you blow yob,” she put the condom on me, “I give you da pussy,” and coated it with lube. “I give you titty fuck” The got up on her toes and rubbed a tit under my cock head. “Take my ass you have everything.” She squeezed some lube onto her fingers and rubbed them up into her ass crack.“You wan it,” she angled her ass toward me, “You gonna fuck my ass?” I ran my hand up her silky inner thigh. My cock was hard as stone. My hand spread her crack, a digit against her bung, swirling the slick goo around. “Come on papi,” She took my hand and lead me off the table. She laid sideways across the table and spread her legs like a gymnast. “Put it in my tight ass hole.”

I stood between her legs, she shimmied toward me. Her ass almost off the table now. I took some of her weight, her legs over my arms. I pressed my cock against her ass hole. Pulling her to me. She wiggled against me and pushed back. It seemed like it would never fit in. So much resistance, my cock strained against it, too hard to bend at all, and then I was in. She sighed as I pushed in further. I pulled back, and that fat head of mine tugged against the inner event horizon. Tanya winced and sucked in a breath, she sighed again as I pushed back in. Fucking just that first inch behind the head in and out of her. Her pussy gripped tight from both sides, her ass hole, bore down pressure all around the entire circumference. Her body d****d out in front of me. Her tits, swayed heavy with our motion. Her flat belly tight now. The tattoo above her chooch, hidden by her hand. She played with her pussy while I rocked back and forth. Slick with lube, in and out of her asshole. Her pussy never let up, but that ring accommodated my cock a bit more after a while. I fucked deeper, a little faster.

“Oh papi you feel so goo in my ass,” I fucked faster, a little deeper. “You make me wanna cum.” Her hand furiously working her clit now. I could feel her wetness, her pussy pressed up against me, fucking her ass balls deep now. Pulling her hand away, I took control of her pussy too. She rolled onto her side a bit. One leg over my shoulder, her tits bouncing with each of my thrusts into her asshole. Her pussy wet as I ground my thumb against her button. I was beginning to loose my wind. God damn I gotta do more Cardio. “My love I wanna cum, Lemme get on top, I wanna make my pussy cum.”

I pulled out of her ass, pinching the condom to my cock this time. I got up onto the massage table and Tanya on top of me. She squeezed my cock into her pussy. So tight and warm and wet. She bounced up and down. Pivoting her hands against my chest, up and down. My cock driving up into her with each fall against me. Her tight pussy tugging on the lift. Again and again. I felt that familiar swell. That sexy body up and down, up and down. I was straining now, her breath quickened, her face distorted, “Oh my gahhh, Oh my GAAHHH!” So hot, so tight, such a frenzied pace. Her skin and smell and the whole fucking thing. This world class sex goddess, using me to get herself off “I gonna cum. Papi I gonna cum!”

I was about to blast too. She went up and down one more time and I heard a sort of wet queef as she slammed against me. That did it. I quaked with orgasm inside her. “I’m cumming,” I blurted as I spurted. She had to feel me unload, trapped within her walls. “I’m cumming!” She ground all her weight down on me. Riding hard on her clit, clamping down so tight on my dick, pushing so hard against me with her hips, her eyes closed. I was still twitching out the last of my orgasm inside her as she launched into her climax. She screamed. And shuddered. Her pussy clenched and relaxed and clenched again on my cock.

“Oh my gah papi you make me cum,” she put her forehead against mine. “Da was real!” She swallowed, and tried to catch her breath, “I no bele you make me cum.”

We stayed there awhile and made small talk. She asked about my job while we picked up our clothes and dressed. She was interested to find out I was a train conductor. She took the train in from the city to work two or three times a week. “Can you get me free ticket?”

I noticed some dried spooge on the back of her skirt from the rope I launched earlier but I didn’t say anything. “Yeah, I can,” I was counting out her tip when I sensed an opportunity. “Maybe we can work something out.”

“Yeah? Hol on, my English no too goo.” She left and came back with another girl. The other girl was like Tanya amplified. Bigger tits, bigger ass, bigger lips. Tanya explained in Spanish.

The new girl noticed the spooge on Tanya’s skirt. “Mami what you do?” She sc****d at it with her thumbnail. “Tanya say you work on the train?”

We worked out a deal, I left two hundred dollars for this visit, but for next time the three of us had an arrangement. I’d bring a stack of one ways for them, and they’d, well, that’s for next time.

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