Latina Soles

My first serious girlfriend was an insanely hot Latina girl I met in high school. She was a goddess and I was very lucky to even date her. She looked almost identical to Selma Hayek, 5’2 in height , luscious and long black hair and a cinnamon tan, and huge breast for a small frame. She was also the first girl I really got to indulge in my foot fetish, her feet were just fucking divine. Defined arches with the wrinkled soles of a mature women even at 19 years old, and her toes were always painted for me. We fucked like jack rabbits, she absolutely loved to get dicked down and would go crazy with passion.

One day after a house party in my back yard , we went straight to my room heavily lusting off one another. I was eager this time to get her to wear heels while I fucked her. She happily obliged, and it was great. I ate her out to get her started and made out for a while. Until I got that delicious pussy soaking to be fucked. She was in a dress , but removed her panties and inserted my dick she moaned softly because people were sleeping on my couch. I brought her to the floor cuz my mattress made way too much noise and I knew I was gonna pound the shit out of her. The dicking commenced and she loved it of course , her legs straight up with her light brown heels on. She was moaning a long with my dick strokes , I removed one of the heels slightly as it dangled while I plowed her. I began to lick her wrinkled heels and arches with the the heel still slightly on as it dangled back and fourth with every stroke of my fat cock. It got me even hornier so I threw the heel off, her beautiful wrinkled bare foot with blue painted toes lay before me and she put it in my face just the way I liked it. I continued fucking like crazy now , and her toes curled , she was the type to have multiple orgasms so her toes always pointed and curled while i fucked her. I threw the other heel off now and shoved both her feet in my face to indulge in the sweetness and wrinkled amazing ness while I fucked the shit out of her, she would always ask me to cum in inside her, I did, with her feet planted in my face as licked those wrinkles like they were my last meal.

Another time she came over in flip flops and I brought her to my bed. Once again I prepared her for the Fuck Fest and this time she was soaking and ready. Once I slid my dick in she started screaming in Spanish “Ay Papi! Que Rico!” She would always scream and moan when ever we didn’t have guest haha, sometimes she didn’t care. Again her soles were wrinkled and toes pointed the whole time , I even saw her toes spread out in unison with my dick strokes it was so fucking hot. She put her soles to my face as they clenched on my nose and a stinky scent went up my nostrils, it was like salt and sweat. Her feet almost never stank so this sent my brain into overdrive and I started to fuck her like a mad man or porn Star. She was loving every minute of it and was screaming to go harder , her toes clenched for dear life , god what a woman… We fucked the whole night , her toes danced and she had too many orgasms to count

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