My Hot Latina Girlfriend

My Hot Latina Fuck Buddy

When I was 23 I met a Hot Sexy Young 19 year old Latina and We Fucked like a****ls !
The first time I brought her to my place she was a little Tipsy because she said it was the first time she had been with another guy other than her boyfriend- He was her first and only and was away in Chicago (she didn’t say where but eventually I found out he was in Jail).
We kissed and played with each other but when I took her in the bedroom she got sick and ran to the bathroom. I told her not to worry and we went to sleep- about 7am I heard water in the bathroom and new she was washing up and she came back and crawled next to me and called my name- I acted like I was asleep and she reached around and softly grabbed my cock and stroked it while whispering my name- My dick was getting hard but I pretended to be sleeping and rolled on my back- She put her head under the covers and put her soft lips around my dick and sucked softly with her hot mouth! Her mouth felt so good on my dick. She kept sucking and eventually sucked a little harder and sucked my whole cock into her mouth and suckled while massaging my balls. Then she pulled away and curled up next to me and said “are you awake ? I need to be fucked “ Please fuck me !”
I acted like I just woke up and she leaned over and kissed me passionately , pressing her lips hard against mine, our teeth clicking together! I climbed on top of her and brushed the head of my dick over her slit and she jumped in anticipation – I love teasing girls when they get this hot ! Make them beg for my dick- And I Did make her beg !
I pushed my head in her pussy and pulled it out and pushed my head back in again- Letting her feel the ridge of my cock head in her pussy- each time I push it back in I pushed it a little farther- finally she said Please stop teasing me – – I asked her if she wanted my dick and she said Yes ! I told her to ask me nicely to fuck her pussy and she said “Please fuck my pussy, I need your big dick “ and I push it in her and moved it around- fucking one side and then the other and pushing it all the way in and kissing her Hot Latina Lips while grinding my dick as far as it can go in her HOT Pussy ! Then I fucked her fast and hard -pounding my dick into her and she screamed and had her first (of many) orgasms.
I slowed down and kissed her neck while talking dirty in her ear. You like my dick baby ? You want more? And she said YES ! Fuck me all day with your big dick- Fuck my hot Puerto Rican Pussy !
I rolled her over doggie style and slid my dick inside her- looking at her sweet round Copper Toned Latina Ass as my dick slid in and out of her pussy- I fucked her hard again and she came again- I turned her on her side and picked her leg straight up and slid my dick inside her again as I licked, kissed and sucked her toes, feet and leg- Man she fucking drove me crazy! I almost came but held back but she screamed again “your dick is making me cum again “! . I slowed down a bit and climbed on top and pushed by dick in her soaking wet pussy and kissed her lips and fucked as hard and fast as I could and told her “I’m Cumming” and she pulled away from under me and slid down and my cum shot on her pretty face before she opened her mouth and sucked every drop of cum out of my dick!
Normally after such an intense fuck I need a slight rest but I was so aroused I stayed hard and she continued to softly and tenderly suck my dick with her nice warm mouth , suckling like a baby with a nipple- Now it was my turn to suck her sweet pussy ! I told her to lay back and enjoy And I got down between her legs. I kissed her inner thighs, going back and forth..each time getting closer to her pussy- she was getting anxious for my tongue and began raising her crotch to my face- telling me “come on baby, come suck Hot Pussy”. I licked her slit softly – tasting my juices and she moaned – I licked a few more times before pushing my tongue into her and she had what must have been her 4th orgasm..I tongue fucked her pussy and lick ed and sucked some more before swirling my tongue over and over in a circular motion over her clit and she screamed more and came again ! She was fucking Hot and needed a cock ! I lifted her ass in the air and ran my tongue over her sweet whole and she moaned and turned around doggie style again and pushed her sweet young Copper ass into my face , telling me to “lick it “ Lick my ass” …and I Did – LOL .

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