The Lusty Latina

Let me start by telling you how much I love the Hispanic female. I feel the most primal urges everytime I see one, I swear I lose control.They have the tastiest complexions,from milky white, to dulce de leche caramel, to milk chocolate brown,with the enticing accent to top it off.Not to mention the fact that my first time eating pussy, it was with a juicy pussy Spanish girlfriend of mine who squirted the sweetest sugarybutterlike juices heavily in my mouth to enjoy,so I’ve always assumed Spanish girls pussy just taste..I guess its the sex appeal thier fills me with the strongest lust….

That being said you can now understand why the day I went to take garbage out and saw a sexy latina mami moving next door, I got a hard-on before I ever said ”Hi”.
Had to be Dominican I could tell by the natural bronze complexion mixed with the thick accent when she spotted me staring and yelled”Hola! I was c***dishly excited at the fact that she was friendly and didn’t know what to do as she made her way across my lawn to greet me, but my body wanted her and went into autopilot mode.

5’2 with full glossy brown lips, thick, not petite with C cups and a nice ass. She wore a white tank top with black yogas pants and flip flops which showed of her delicious mocha brown painted toenails which made my mouth water.Hi,I’m Wesul she says as she extends her hand for a shake.Im Kevin nice to meet you.”I just saw your truck pull in..are you new to the neighborhood?
”Yes, I just moved in eh yesterday papi. Are there any liquor stores around here? Well I was about to watch movies and deal with my Bacardi,just chill…you’re welcome to join me baby. Ugh…ok, let me just very a few more boxes inside and Ill be right over. Yeah, no problem, Ill give you a hand with that. So we headed over to her car and began unloading the rest of her boxes. We made small talk and I find out she only moved from D.R. two years ago, (which explained the heavy accent), finished college there too,was a personal trainer and she wasn’t married.All pluses in my book!

We placed the last of her stuff in her hallway and proceeded over to my place…
Have a seat.what movies do you like to watch?Ive got the new Taken 2, if you wanna watch that..Ooh I loved dat movie papi, with the Ben Stiller.Haha,yeah that one.(I thought it was cute that her American actors were mixed up)
Ok, start it up, Ill go get the popcorn heated up and some glasses of ice..Ok! Hurry up you don’t want to miss the movie!

I head into the kitchen and warm, up some popcorn then head back
to the living room,fill the cups with apple Bacardi and sit next to Wesul on the black leather loveseat. After one bowl of popcorn and two glasses of Bacardi each she goes,You know,Kelvin(there goes that accent again) Im pooped, you don’t mind if I stay here tonight right? Of course not make yourself at home, I,ve got xtra sheets and pillows upstairs I can grab them if you want.. Thank you that would be perfect right now, Im so tired..
Sure Ill just go grab them for you, be right back.. Ok..

As I run upstairs to get her things ask I’m thinking is oh yeah, this night could turn out great, I’ve got a hot,grown Spanish ting in my house and now she’s sleeping over. Little did I know just how great of a might it would turn out to be….Wesu had a surprise waiting for me downstairs..

On my way back to the living room I yell out,Hey Wesu!,I couldn’t find my xtra pillows but you can use the ones from my___
sweet jesus…
I walk in to find her ass up in the air, yoga spandexs slipped down right above her knees, exposing her black g string pulled to the side, while she spread her pussy and ass open, and her flip flops were kicked off so her tiny feet were curled up so I saw her wrinkled soles and brown toes from the back. My mouth was watering like a faucet. ”You like what you see papi”,she asked in her sexy slightly raspy voice(i guess because she was tipsy) My dick starts rising and I can feel it getting thick and heavy,that feeling I get whenever Im going to give a GOOD fucking. Uh,huh is all I can get out as I slowly make my way over to my dinner for the night.I was gonna wine and dine on this horny sex kittens hot pussy all night.

Uummpff,she moans as I take care of her ass for her,replacing her hands with mine to continue spreading her cunt as I kneel behind her and begin teasing.
Ahh, she moans deeply as my warm wet tongue licks her chocolate starfish.oooh papi she moans excitedly as her asshole winces in reflex,but slowly it puffs and pouts back out.smmff,i take a long deep whiff of it before I hungrily slip my whole tongue inside her tart sphincter causing her to groan loudly with pleasure.
Oooyy paaapi! clenching her asshole tight on my tongue, while gyrating her pulsing asshole back into my tongue.

I nudge my nose deep into her ass while I suck her pussy and move my hands down to caress her soft feet and toes. They’re so soft and warm I start to kiss my way down her legs while spinnining her around on her back. As I get to her feet I slowly slip her big toe into my mouth and suckle it like a hungry baby on a nipple. Mmm,mmm,mm,ask you hear is moaning from both of us as I savor her delicious toes while my hands work my way up to her ass. finger gently slipping
up her wet, sloppy asshole,Oiyyyy,Paaapi,she yells weakly from the sensation. Ppphhhhuuucckkk!! She manages to groan out as my finger starts fucking her booty herder and harder.Ppphhuucck me paapi,phuck mee making my dick rock hard.
Ok baby,you need this dick,huh?
You need this dick, I torture her as I plug my finger as deep up her butt as I can,making her scream.
Thats all I can take as I rise up from my feat and grab her legs up in the air,plunging deep into her good-good,OOO MMMYYY GOOOODDD PAAPI! She screams as I furiously pick up the pace. She’s fucking hot and soaking wet,and her pussys only getting wetter and tighter on my cock, while my dick keeps extending deeper and deeper with every stroke into her depths…Ppphhucck,Phuck,kkkkcc,kk,she’s slurring and sputtering curses and incomprehensible cries at me,more specifically at the dick causing her body to lose control as she squirts a creamy stream of cum straight up onto my chest. OOOH YEAH!! DATS WHAT THE FUCK IM TALKING BOUT! KEEP CUMMING BABY,I demanded;picking up the pace,anxious for more pussy juice. I was gonna suck up the next hydrant and drink every gulp…
The next one came faster;about 10 seconds into my pounding. Warm,wet juices squirted on my face as I jumped down to my knees to slurp up all the sweetnectar flowing out her pussy.
Oooiiii,papiii! Shescreamed while her hand reached down and grabbed my dick,her body begging for more,so I flipped over into a 69 with me on top,slipping my dick DEEP into her warm mouth.Her tongue was hungry,grabbing and slopping my Dick head as she alternated from balls and shaft to dickhead like a fiend.
The feeling of sensational ecstasy was high, and we could both feel a hot nut brewing in my balls as my dick started to spasm and jump violently in her loving mouth.
Baby girl didnt want top waste a single drop as I relentlessly exploded down her throat filing her mouth with my cream. AAARRRGGHHH,FUCK,as my hips kept bucking unvoluntarily trying to release anymore cum that might be leftover.
Ooo taste soo
good,slurp as she kept sucking hungrily like my dick was a melting popsicle. She squeezed my cock like a yogurt tube while stretching my ballsack out,trying to milk me for even more…baby girl was a keeper,and I just had the best sex of my life!

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